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Designed to offer the greatest possible observing power and convenience in a shipping box only 36 inches (0.9 m) long, this telescope combines extreme portability with large aperture performance, elegance, and exceptional structural and dynamic stability.

Truss-tube designs also allow the quickest possible cooling of the optics and "tube air" to the ambient evening temperature, which provides steady detailed images more quickly. (Some solid-tube scopes take two hours or more to cool down and overcome heat-blurring of the images. When the optics are cool, the provided "tube shroud" can be quickly put in place to protect the mirrors.

For all its lightweight-looking appearance, this is an extremely strong, steady, and smooth-moving scope. Assembly of the lower part of the scope with its semi-round altitude bearings, that double as the sides of the "mirror box", is by means of "knock-down" furniture hardware (decorative bolts and imbedded "cross-dowels"). An Allen key is provided to turn the bolts for easy assembly.

I have designed and incorporated special pivoting hardware that converts the 8 aluminum struts into 4 easily-handled pairs. This speeds up and simplifies assembly.

The 10-inch Telescope comes with a free Rigel QuikFinder, which provides an extremely convenient way to aim the scope. It is lighter and easier to use than a Telrad.

A black cloth shroud is included with the scope, to convert it to a "closed-tube" configuration when needed to protect the mirrors from dew, dust, or stray light. This shroud fits inside the truss-tubes.

Not seen in the photo on the front page ( http://stargazer.isys.ca ) are the blackened surfaces inside the top and bottom sections, and the solid oak trim on the top (straight) faces of the semi-round altitude bearings.


10-Inch Truss Tube ScopeAperture: 10 inches = 25.4 cm (giving approximately 2500 times the light grasp of the unaided eye)

Focal Length: 50 inches = 1270 mm (f/5)

Shipping Weight: 51 lbs

Shipping Container Dimensions: 7 inches x 18 inches x 36 inches

Longest Strut: approximately 40 inches (The 4 longest struts break down into two pieces)

Focuser: 2-inch machined aluminum helical focuser with 1 1/4-inch adapter (This is a very solid and smoothly machined component)

Standard Eyepiece: 17 mm Plossl giving 71 Power and a 0.66 degree field of view (1 2/3 "moon diameters")

Performance with optional 7.5 mm Plossl (High Power) Eyepiece: 169 Power, 0.28 degree field (nearly takes in the full Moon)

Maximum magnification likely to provide additional detail on nights of rare atmospheric steadiness: 360 to 500 power according to conditions and observer experience.

Wide-field performance with Optional 32 mm 1 1/4-inch Plossl Eyepiece: Magnification:40 Power Field of View: 1.2 degrees (2.4 moon diameters) Exit Pupil: 6.25 mm

Maximum possible wide-field performance: Note: Using an eyepiece focal length longer than 32 mm will result in "lost light" through insufficient magnification. Your eye would become the "aperture stop" of the system.

Stargazer Steve is in the process of selecting a 32 mm eyepiece option which will provide true fields of view of up to 2 degrees (4 "moons")


The optical quality of all our instruments is above average for the price. Many manufacturers like to quote "wave figures" (1/8th wave or 1/10th wave etc) for their optics. However these statements can be misleading. The only reliable, accurate, and truthful way to provide these wave figures is to place the entire optical system in the light path of a large Optical Interferometer . This generally involves considerable expense of capital and time, and no manufacturer is providing this service for telescopes selling for under $5000.00 US.

In the absence of a full-system interferogram, our ethics prompt us to simply state that our telescopes offer above average performance for the price and are diffraction-limited. In addition our reputation for quality is based on a our decade-long history of providing high quality components and standing behind them and correcting any problems if they become apparent. I am personally accessible by phone or email. How many Telescope Designer/Manufacturers can truthfully say that?

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