Three Maria and Three Mountain Ranges

Some additional features visible in this image:

The two prominent craters in Mare Imbrium are Autolycus (top) and Aristillus (bottom). The tiny crater located along the white diagonal stripe in Mare Serenitatis (upper left) is Bessel (16 km/10 mi). The straight, deep gash seen in the Alps (bottom of image) is the Alpine Valley. Cassini (57 km/35 mi) is the flooded crater directly above the Alps, with one small crater (Cassini A, 17 km/11 mi) clearly visible and a smaller crater (Cassini B, 8 km/5 mi) barely visible to its right. The two white dots to the right of the Alps are the isolated mountains Piton (upper) and Pico (lower) catching the first rays of the lunar dawn.

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Last revised: December 5, 2000