There are probably as many ways to modify the QuickCam as there are there are people who modify them. One approach is shown below (total cost about US$8). Also shown is a view of the camera attached to the telescope.

Modified QuickCam The QuickCam was housed in a plastic electronics project box (3" x 4.25" x 1"). A modified 1" PVC pipe x 1" MPT fitting was used as an adapter for the telescope's 1.25" focuser. The pipe end of the fitting was cut off, and the threaded end was sanded down slightly to allow it to slide into the focuser. The adapter was secured to the box with four small screws.

The QuickCam itself was centered and secured to the box with several pieces of foam-backed two-sided tape. The QuickCam's connection cable was fed through an access hole cut into the side of the box .

Telescope and QuickCam

The modified QuickCam mounts onto the telescope's 1.25" focuser similar to an eyepiece. Although the camera is relatively light, the combination of the camera and the cable caused some balancing problems. A Velcro strip was added to the telescope, and a small 'bean-bag' with a matching Velcro strip (not shown in photograph) was used as an adjustable counter-weight.

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Last revised: December 5, 2000