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LOW POWER EYEPIECE: 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece gives a wide field for easy aiming, cruising the Milky Way and viewing wide nebulae and clusters. 

With the Sgr-4 it gives a 2 degree (4 "full moon span") field at 24 x. With the 4 1/4-inch Kit ... a 1.4 degree (nearly 3"full moon span")field at 34 x. 
With the 6-inch ... a 1.25 degree field  (2 1/2 "full moon span") at 38 x

CANADIAN PRICE: $59.95 + 4.20 GST + 4.80 PST (see below) + 6.00 S&H ON&QC (Only if ordered separately) TOTAL (ON) = $68.95 (if ordered with the telescope) 

U.S. PRICE:$49.95 (Add 5.00 S&H if ordered separately) 

HIGH POWER EYEPIECE: 7.5 mm Plossl Eyepiece gives the most detailed views possible of the moon and planets when the skies are very "steady". 

Use with the Sgr-4 to get 100 power and with the 4 1/4-inch Kit to get 146 power. 
With the 6-inch the 7.5 mm Plossl Eyepiece  gives 160 power.

CANADIAN PRICE: $49.95 + 3.50 GST + 4.00 PST + 6.00 S&H ON&QC (Only if ordered seperately)TOTAL (ON) = $63.45 ($57.45 if ordered with a telescope) 

U.S. PRICE:$39.95 (Add 5.00 S&H if ordered separately) 

RIGEL QUICK-FINDER: This very efficiently designed lightweight unit projects a red bulls-eye target onto the sky making aiming easy. Included FREE!! with the 6-inch Kit 

CANADIAN PRICE: $56.95 + 3.99 GST + 4.56 PST + $6.00 S&H to ON&QC if ordered separately. TOTAL (ON) = $71.50 ($65.50 for ON, NB, NF,NS If ordered with the 4 1/4-inch Kit) 

U.S. PRICE: 69.00 + $15.00 S&H = $84.00 

PLEASE NOTE: Ontario residents please include the PST and GST amounts shown. Maritime except PEI please include HST equal to the total of PST and GST amounts shown. For other provinces pay GST only. No shipping charge on eyepieces or quickfinder when they are part of a larger order. Cost to ship to Provinces other than ON&QC without a Scope is $8.00 

If Ordering from Canada Make your cheque or money order payable to Stargazer Steve, or if ordering from the U.S, make it payable to Steve Dodson. Send to:
Stargazer Steve, 1752 Rutherglen Cres, Sudbury, ON, Canada P3A 2K3

Updated January 14, 2002