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Other Eyepieces for the Sgr-3 Reflecting Telescope

The best general-purpose eyepiece for this scope is the 18 mm Kellner supplied with it. The 7.5 mm Plossl eyepiece available, at low cost, as an optional extra gives greater magnification (100 power) at the cost of a reduced field of view. Please refer to the Ordering Information page for your geographical area for prices.

Eyepieces as "long" as 32 mm can be used to gain an even larger field of view, especially if they are of the wide-field, Erfle, or Koenig designs. A wider area of sky is seen with less magnification, and superb views of Milky-Way star fields and large nebulae are the reward.

We now offer an excellent low-cost wide-field eyepiece, which is a 30 mm Kellner. See more information on the ACCESSORIES page.

Suppliers advertising in Astronomy Magazine and Sky and Telescope, such as University Optics, Teleview, and Orion all have eyepieces that can be used. The best way to select one that works well is to go to a "Star Party" set up by your local Astronomy Club or Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Find someone with a good collection who will help you set up comparison tests on the spot.

REMEMBER: Compared with the supplied 18 mm eyepiece...

Eyepiece focal lengths between 16 mm and 7.5 mm will give higher magnification

Eyepiece focal lengths between 20 mm and 32 mm will give wider fields of view.

In our "hard copy" flyer we mention that a 3-inch telescopes can be used to provide magnifications of up to 150 power (50 X per inch of aperture). We do this to point out that sellers promoting smaller telescopes on the basis of huge magnifications (200 X, 450 X, and even higher!) are simply setting up the unwitting buyer for disappointment and frustration. If one did want to try such a high magnification an eyepiece of 5 mm focal length would theoretically do it. Most eyepieces of such short focal length require the eye to be placed uncomfortably close. One design that doesn't is the Celestron "Lanthanum" design, which is quite expensive.

A better solution is to use the optional 7.5 mm eyepiece with our 4 1/4-inch Deluxe Reflector Kit. With this Kit a powerful telescope can be built in one day, following instructions on video and in the written manual. I offers exceptional high-power views of the Moon and planets, and is an ideal follow-up to experience using the 3-inch Reflector. With the Kit and the optional 7.5 mm eyepiece you will obtain sharp highly detailed images at 150 X.

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